Photography by Eric Olsson

C’est la mort pour les âmes de devinir eau,

c’est la mort pour l’eau de devenir terre.

De la terre vient l’eau, et de l’eau provient l’âme.

Heraclite d’Ephèse, Fragments Originaux, traduction par Yves Battistini, Editions “Cahiers d’Art” Paris, Mai 1948


June 29-July 5 2010: trip to Italy for the installation of “The Game of the World” at the Fourth Free International Forum, a meeting of artists, curators, journalists, and supporters of contemporary art invited by Lucrezia de Domizio Durini to spend two days exchanging ideas and sharing work. Below are some photographs of the event and the beautiful setting, not far from Pescara on the Adriatic coast.


The Game of the World

July 2, 2010_Bolognano_Opening the FORUM


Lucrezia de Domizio Durini


The Dress _ La Robe

This new painting will be shown at the

62nd annual Salon de Mai

to  be held in Paris from May 25 to May 30 2010

March 1 – March 27 2010

New Image Gallery

James Madison University

see Exhibition page for details

The Oracle from Shadow Bride: The Wedding Album

7 more rooms were completed at the Certosa Hotel on Certosa Island, Venice.

Photos of Room 23 by Jan Olsson

A Room of One’s Own

“It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.” Virginia Woolf

view from the entrance

view of bed and painting

the key: desktop printmaking plate, paper, and leads for printing

Roland Cabot poses with the painting

preparations: photo, key, bed and sketch for painting

The curator: Lucrezia de Domizio Durini

Creative Rooms Project II_The Artists

Left to Right: Jan CM Peeters, Neriman Polat, Mark MacGowan, Jan Olsson, Roland Cabot, Tania Lopèz Winkler, and Aureli Ruiz

November 22, 2009

Opening of  Creative Rooms, Part II, curated by Lucrezia de Dominizio Durini in collaboration with Gérard Georges Lemaire to coincide with the closing festivities of the 2009 Venice Biennial:

Jan Olsson is creating an installation entitled ” A Room of One’s Own: in memory of Virginia Woolf “

“…there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of the mind.” V.W.

Sample images:



N°9_15x15 copy copy



In the bedroom closet, among shoeboxes and the like, a wind stirs. Heavy silence before the storm, followed by destruction and release.


Today France will celebrate the birthday of the beloved and extraordinary artist from Phoenix, Arizona – Sean O’Donnell. For Sean’s family and friends the fireworks on Bastille Day have a special significance. We miss you Sean, but the love, joy and laughter you gave us remains. Happy Birthday.




T-Shirts for the Findells 

While I was in Staunton we printed some tees for the Fins. The first design fuses the lyrics from their wonderful song, “Helen of Troy” off the “Lost in Paradise” album with my painting “Eurydice’s Dance”. Classical Greece meets rock n’ roll. Yes!

The second is from a scratchboard of Adam and Eve that became a design for the Spanish language version of the Fins “Naked with You”.

Lyrics from “Naked with You” are featured in the third design that was taken from illustrations I did for Jean-Pierre Galland’s book entitled “Fumée Clandestine” (published by Ramsay in 1991). It’s a wink at Manet’s “Déjeuner sur l’Herbe”. The double meaning is “lost in translation” into the English “Lunch on (the) Grass”.

Check out the Findells’ great music (put on your dancing shoes) and the other good stuff at

Exhibition May 22 – July 7 2009

BSSS Gallery – 22 Beverly Street – Staunton, Virginia

It’s back “home” to Staunton for a show this spring. Photos taken from Paris, Tucson, and Staunton have been sources for this work. Inspiration from the Findell’s cd “Lost in Paradise”, from tales of Dora and her cabin in Nelson County, from my neighborhood in Paris, and wanderings in and around Tucson, with overlays from the classic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. It’s a mixed (media) bag – paintings, drawings, prints and ink jet prints mixed with painting, pastel, and charcoal.

ink jet, pastel and acrylic on paper

Whispers - photo from Dora's cabin-ink jet, paint, charcoal and pastel

Home Front - photo of Paris apartment. Ink jet, charcoal, pastel and paint

Home Front - photo of Paris apartment. Ink jet, charcoal, pastel and paint